To welcome the arrival of a New Year, on December 31st piazza Duomo will be the seat of the show “Milano Capodanno For Future”, Italy’s First Sustainably Aware New Year’s Eve celebration, both in terms of its message and its organization. A grand celebration open to all, to think about the future in a different and innovative way. An event devoted to sustainability promoted by the City of Milan, whose organization has been assigned to Artificio23 and which will feature Rai Radio2 as the event’s official radio.

What do today’s twenty-year-olds want for 2020? This is the question that will resound in Piazza Duomo and on the airwaves throughout the evening. An important evening of fun and awareness-building, a show meant to focus attention – in a joyful and inclusive manner – on an issue of global importance, particularly targeting younger generations who, above all others, will have to face our environmental legacy.

Through the video contributions of young men and women from all over the world who are at the front lines of the environmental battle for Earth’s safety, which will be streamed across the large screens, we will create a mosaic of hopes for the year to come. As their representative, the guests in piazza Duomo will include the young climate activist Federica Gasbarro, the only Italian chosen to represent her generation at the UN Youth Climate Summit and Assembly.

The evening’s musical guests will be MYSS KETA, the singer who, setting off from Milan, is attracting attention across Italy; COMA_COSE, the Milanese duo who are garnering much appreciation and who’ve just come from a series of sold-out summertime shows, and finally LO STATO SOCIALE!, the band from Bologna who si a staple at all the best parties and who, after an almost year-long hiatus from live concerts, will be back on New Year’s with an exclusive performance taylor-made for the event. 

As well as in the evening’s contents, attention for the environment will also be at its highest throughout the event’s production, which will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out by Legambiente to make large concerts and public events “sustainable”. The City of Milan’s collaboration will also allow for a number of concrete actions which will involve public transports, energy – through the use of energy efficient lightbulbs and electric forklifts to load and unload on-site materials, as well as energy provision by certified renewable-energy providers -, water – by distributing canteens to all of the staff, avoiding the use of plastic bottles – and using recycled plastic and paper throughout the event and its preparation. 

In other words, a large-scale environmentally-driven production which, for Artificio23, has the additional objective of corroborating and surpassing the success of last year, when, for New Year’s Eve 2018, Artificio23 created a highly impactful project that attracted an audience of over 20 thousand attendees and involved a crew of almost 300 staff members on December 31st alone.

The official radio of the event is Rai Radio2, which has made these New Year’s Eve celebrations its own, and thanks to which people who will not be physically present in piazza Duomo on December 31st will be able to tune onto the event. A variety of content and special programs have also been studied specifically to keep attention high on the topic of this important year’s-end engagement: the future we envision. Since December 9th, a campaign on sustainability and environmental awareness  has been promoted to spur each of us towards daily actions that are good for the environment. “What will you do for a better year?” is the theme that the online public is invited to develop and post on Instagram using the hashtag #capodannoforfuture: the most original videos will be screened during the evening of December 31st in Piazza Duomo and will also be shown on Radio2’s social media accounts. “Capodanno for Future” will also be a recurring theme on  the radio shows CATERPILLAR AM, I LUNATICI and LO STATO SOCIALE SHOW, up until December 31st, the day of the event’s live radio broadcast which, starting from 9pm, will count down to the New Year with Filippo Solibello presenting on stage and Marco Ardemagni from backstage.

Furthermore, those who participate in the call to action by posting a video-message on Instagram with the hashtags #CapodannoForFuture #MilanoForFuture, explaining their own resolution for a better future and answering the question “How do you envision 2020?”, may be selected to be a part of Milano Capodanno For Future 2020 from a special area below the stage in Piazza Duomo, thus ringing in the New Year in one of Italy’s most important squares, along with all the guests and members of the public who will contribute to making this new great event by Artificio23 unique.