On December 31st, Italy’s first New year’s Eve celebrations devoted to sustainability took place with great success, promoted by the City of Milan and organized by Artificio23, who presented and developed the creative concept for the celebrations in Milan, winning the tender for the event’s organization in one of Italy’s most important squares for the second year in a row.

Many people from Milan and tourists gathered in piazza Duomo to celebrate the arrival of 2020 with 20.000 recorded attendees, thus reaching the square’s maximum capacity. A show centered around entertainment, with musical guests Myss Keta, Coma Cose and Lo Stato Sociale and a social dj-set by Billboard, but also a night to reflect upon important themes like sustainability, the environment and the future of our planet along with presenter Filippo Solibello, a speaker on Rai Radio2, Ludovica Azzali, the director of Radio Immaginaria, and Federica Gasbarro, the only Italian chosen to represent her generation at the UN Climate conference and General Assembly. An event that was made more sustainable in its productive aspects thanks to support from Legambiente and with help from Amsa, Amat, A2A and MM who took part in the project with a variety of sustainably-driven actions. Furthermore, thanks to the associations L’Impronta and Cetec, the decorations used on stage will be reused.

On stage, the musical performances were alternated by important video-messages by sustainability experts and by over 30 young activists from all over the world who, from North and South America, Asia, Africa and all over Europe offered their support for the event by contributing their wish for a more eco-friendly and aware 2020.

Care for the event’s sustainable aspects was expresses not only its contents but also in its production, right from its conception: an innovative format halfway between a show, a concert and an awareness-building occasion which required 3 months of pre-production, including an in-depth study of the green issues and search for solutions that respect this philosophy in the context of a large-scale, complex production like one taking place in one of Italy’s largest squares. An approach that intends to mark an ideal “shift” in the field of big public events, whose success once again confirms Artificio23’s position among the best in the nation.

In the days before the event, piazza Duomo witnessed the creation of a full-blown construction site which, among other measures, was characterized by the choice of sustainable materials, green energy provision and water fountains and canteens that avoided the use of plastic bottles. Alongside these measures, the event’s management oversaw the efficient clearing of piazza Duomo from passers-by and tourists and the subsequent re-admission of over 20.000 members of the public through 8 controlled gates; the national live radio airing on Rai Radio2; a video-animation produced specifically for the event; an audio system made up of 102 modules (line Array and subs), 5 Digico mixers, 2 km of cables, and a total of 5 tonnes of audio and lighting equipment; a 14 meter high and 15 meter deep stage with a 10 meter tall mixer tower.

A great event in which a number of collaborators contributed alongside the Artificio23 team: around 300 men on the night of the 31st and a team of professionals that brought together a variety of skillsets.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their excellent job. Managing all of these aspects requires experience and great professionalism, and coordinating them requires tenacity, competence and sometimes imagination”, commented the director of  Artificio23 Leonardo Pischedda. “everything went very well! Our concept worked perfectly: 20 thousand people listening to great music, dancing together and then stopping to listen to messages from young people worldwide. A beautiful and powerful stage design, and a perfectly integrated visual design. A fresh, contemporary and energetic line-up. What more could we ask for? We’re happy to have produced this project. Thanks to all the people who have been a part of this adventure”.

Particular thanks go to the media partners who, to differing extents, contributed to the excellent results of the evening: Rai Radio2, the event’s official radio, whose live airing brought the Milanese New Year’s into the homes of all Italians; Billboard, who produced an extremely participated social dj-set for the occasion; Milano Today, MiTomorrow, QN. Thanks also to the technical sponsors who allowed Milano Capodanno For Future to be even more sustainable behind the scenes, with aluminium canteens to avoid the use of plastic bottles, single-use palm-based plates and silverware provided by Palmabio, personalized lanyards made of recycled plastic by Gift Campaign, event passes made in recycled cardboard with a plantable seed in the back made by Eco Postcard.